Riverview Head Start #1, pre-k listing in 24614

Name:Riverview Head Start #1
Type:Pre K
Pre K Address:27382 Riverside Drive, Grundy, VA 24614
Pre K Phone:(276) 935-1611
Child ages:3 years - 5 years
Pre K Website:http://buchanancountyonline.com/riverview1.htm

Pre K Philosophy

Head Start is an early childhood pre-school developmental program. Since 1965, Head Start has provided comprehensive health, education, nutrition and social services to more than eleven million children.
Head Start believes that the gains made by a child must be understood and built upon by the family and community. To achieve this goal, parents and other members of the family are involved in the experiences their children receive. To stimulate child growth and family development, Head Start focuses upon four component areas: These component areas and what each one provides is outlined below:

*Varied age appropriate activities. These experiences help children to develop; socially, intellectually, physically and emotionally.

*Medical, dental and speech screenings and follow-up. Health, nutrition and mental health education for children and families is vital.

*Increases family awareness of community and social service agencies while helping to develop ways of meeting individual/family needs.

*Provides parents the opportunity to participate in decision making groups, to develop parent activities and to work with children in cooperation with Head Start staff.

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Accept vouchers
Inspection URL
Special Needs
Medical, dental and speech screenings and follow-up.
Operating hours

8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Monday - Thursday

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Riverview Head Start #1

(276) 935-1611

27382 Riverside Drive, Grundy, VA 24614