Raven Head Start Center, preschool information in 24639

Name:Raven Head Start Center
Preschool Address:22 School Street, Raven, VA 24639
Preschool Phone:(276) 964-9437
Child ages:3 years - 4 years
Preschool Website:http://clinchvalleycaa.org/cvca1/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=138&itemid=192

Preschool Philosophy

That it is the right of young children to have access to a quality early childhood program without cost to the family.

That society must be sensitive and responsive to the social and economic changes that have created the need for many children to have a head start.

That the community must be responsible for the nurture and early education of young children who qualify for Head Start.

That it is the right of Head Start children to participate in services that enhance their health and social, emotional, developmental and motor growth.

That the Head Start programs must respect and uphold the dignity and authority of parents.

That it is the right of Head Start children that centers be managed according to regulations, staffed with qualified personnel, provided with a clean, orderly environment with age appropriate furnishings and facilities that meet their needs.

That the unique creative and social talents of each child are an asset to society and that his/her self-esteem and self-confidence are worthy of nurture.

That play is childrens work-their way of discovering, creating order and communication and that young children best learn through hands on experiences.

That a key component to early childhood education and school readiness is an environment that is rich in opportunity for expanding in numeracy, reasoning, pre-literacy skills and language.

That provides the child with a means of communication, expressive, problem solving and a foundation for reading.

The Head Start Child Outcomes Framework is a guide for ongoing assessment. Progress and accomplishments will be analyzed and used in the programs self-assessment and continuous improvement plans.

That the developmental and educational needs of Head Start children will be identified and met through an ongoing process of screening, observation, assessment, planning, goal development and individualization.

That the Head Start Outcomes Framework be utilized as a guide for individual and program progress, self-assessment, planning, and continuous improvement.

That each child has a unique pattern of growth, development and learning which cannot be speeded up, but Head Start can provide a program that accommodates different rates of learning, growth, and development.

That all activities be based on appropriate sequenced objectives delivered through play and communication with staff, with process rather than product as goal.

That acceptable behavior be developed and maintained through a learning environment that is acceptable for the developmental stages of the children and offers adequate reinforcement for acceptable behavior.

That children are treated with dignity and respect, positive discipline will be utilized within developmentally appropriate limits, focus on important things define time and space limits and gives reasons for rules and limits.

That all children, regardless of developmental and physical differences, sex, religious heritage are worthy of love, respect, and opportunities for development to their potential.

That Head Start will encourage the family to expand its network of support; help the family acquire new skills; involve all family members as team players in activities, which support the family.

That Head Start will make the family the senior partner, identify family strengths and initiate relationship with families through conversations not interviews.

That Head Starts goal is to work with families to strengthen, not to substitute for, family responsibilities.

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Raven Head Start Center

(276) 964-9437

22 School Street, Raven, VA 24639