KB Kids Preschool & Daycare, pre-school description in 77563

Name:KB Kids Preschool & Daycare
Type:Pre School
Pre School Address:6322 Hwy 6, Hitchcock, TX 77563
Pre School Phone:(409) 986-8322
Child ages:n/a
Pre School Website:n/a

Pre School Philosophy

Hitchcock KB Kids Preschool & Daycare does not appear to have much about their school philosophy here however usually exceptional childcare centers commit to giving a helping hand to all families in their daycare center. When you need a new childcare make sure their objective is to properly provide a safe and nurturing surroundings so that guardians feel good and know that the day care center is taking great care of their boys and girls.

Your children's development will likely be shaped through the care of lots of groups, maybe the most importantly family, childcare centers, as well as early educators. Many feel that child care staff and staff harbor a enormous possibility to stimulate this development. make sure that all educators and staff have extensive training in their field of study and really enjoy directing the learning environment of little babies. A good daycare center will encourage your youngster plan to go to elementary by giving them school routines from first years to the end of their prek year.

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Operating hours

09:00 AM-06:00 PM - Monday - Friday

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KB Kids Preschool & Daycare

(409) 986-8322

6322 Hwy 6, Hitchcock, TX 77563