Kiddie Korral, preschool info in 77979

Name:Kiddie Korral
Preschool Address:709 B Hwy 35 S, Port Lavaca, TX 77979
Preschool Phone:(361) 552-6021
Child ages:n/a
Preschool Website:n/a

Preschool Philosophy

Kiddie Korral in TX does not seem to have a philosophy on MomTrusted however orginarily fantastic day cares pledge to catering to each and every family that enrolls youths at that particular childcare. When looking for a childcare in Port Lavaca be sure their intention is to prepare a warm and nurturing facility so all moms and dads can relax and know that the daycare loves that baby with all their heart.

Your toddler's early cognitive development will profoundly be susceptable through the care of many groups of people, not limited to family, child care centers, as well as teachers. Many think that it's likely that teaching staff and aides create a enormous opening to nurture this growth. It's best to make sure that all teachers have adequate training in their career and really enjoy engaging the schooling of small toddlers. A truely great childcare will encourage your child be prepared to to go to school by teaching them how to take care of their basic needs from the time they are babies to the last day of prek.

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Special Needs
Operating hours

06:30 AM-06:00 PM - Monday - Friday

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Kiddie Korral

(361) 552-6021

709 B Hwy 35 S, Port Lavaca, TX 77979