Small Wonders Preschool, prek description in 84337

Name:Small Wonders Preschool
Prek Address:690 N 980 W, Tremonton, UT 84337
Prek Phone:(435) 257-0059
Child ages:3 years - 6 years
Prek Website:n/a

Prek Philosophy

Small Wonders Preschool doesn't seem to have a teaching philosophy listed however in general fantastic daycare centers are commited to aiding all families at that particular child development center. When you are in need of a child development center make sure that their objective is to provide a warm and nurturing environment so all dad and moms can breathe and feel sure that the day care center is careing greatly for their child.

Your children's emotional development will be susceptable by the influences of several groups of people, made up of extended family, daycare centers, as well as teachers. Many feel that early education specialists and staff members create a big moment to support this growth. It's best to be sure that every member of the staff are well-trained in their career and enjoy facilitating the early education of small babies. A wonderful child development center will support your youngster be prepared to to enter k by teaching them school disciplines from first years to the last day of preschool.

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Small Wonders Preschool

(435) 257-0059

690 N 980 W, Tremonton, UT 84337