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Name:Little Star School Montessori
Preschool Address:509 Hwy 20 Po Box 608, Winthrop, WA 98862
Preschool Phone:(509) 996-2801
Child ages:1.5 years - 6 years
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Preschool Philosophy

Dr. Maria Montessori was an Italian physician and educator who developed an approach to teaching in which children are given a wide range of materials that enable them to learn at an independent pace. We utilize The Montessori Method, which nurtures the whole personality of the child, not merely his intellectual faculties. This includes powers of deliberation, initiative and independent choice. Children are allowed to live as free members of a real social entity - our school and our community. This method of guiding children is administered through the talents of a faculty that has been working together at Little Star since 1982.

Dr. Montessori developed what she called "the prepared environment." Among its features is an ordered arrangement of learning materials in a non-competitive atmosphere, which helps each child develops at his/her own rate. These materials begin with the concrete and slowly work up to abstractions. There are a variety of classroom activities, including:

Practical Life exercises instill care for self, and for the environment. Activities include many of the tasks children see as part of the daily routine in their home, such as preparing food and washing dishes, along with exercises of grace and courtesy. Through these tasks, children develop muscular coordination, enabling movement and the beginning to end, and develop their powers of control and concentration.

Sensorial materials serve as tools for development. Children build cognitive skills, and learn to order and classify impressions by touching, seeing, smelling, tasting, listening, and exploring the physical properties of their environment.

Language development is vital to human development. The Montessori environment is rich in oral language opportunities, allowing the child to experience conversations, stories and poetry. The sandpaper letters help children link sound and symbol effortlessly, encouraging the development of written expression and reading skills. To further reading development, children are exposed to the study of grammar.

Geography, Biology, Botany, Zoology, Art and Music are presented as extensions of the sensorial and language activities. Children learn about people and cultures in other countries with an attitude of respect and admiration. Through familiarity, children come to feel connected to the global human family. Lessons and experiences with nature inspire a reverence for all life. The comprehensive art and music programs give children every opportunity to enjoy a variety of creative activities, as well as gain knowledge of the great masters.

Mathematics activities help children learn and understand the concepts of math by manipulating concrete materials. This work gives children a solid understanding of basic mathematical principles, prepares them for later abstract reasoning, and helps to develop problem-solving capabilities.

Montessori children have a broad world-view nurtured by lessons of other cultures, customs and belief systems. At Little Star we consciously teach our children to be kind, peaceful and respectful to each other, which extends to family, community and the earth.

We want our children to feel they are a part of the cosmic order of the universe. We nurture the unique traits, interests, passions and dreams the children carry within them and wish to give the world.

Much of what we do, Montessori termed Cosmic Education which results in the childs gradual discovery, throughout the whole childhood, of the interrelatedness of all things in the past, present and future. With a foundation of respect and understanding for the whole, it is our hope that our childrens inner-drive will lead them toward discovering their whole role in helping make the world more peaceful and harmonious. They are our future.

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