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Name:Faith Christian Preschool
Prek Address:450 W. Elm Street, Coalinga, CA 93210
Prek Phone:(559) 935-2816
Child ages:n/a
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The goal of Faith Christian Academy is to provide academic moral athletic and spiritual excellence through the ministry of Christian Education so that children may reach their God-given potential.
The theme of the school is The Pursuit of Excellence Faith Christian Academy is a fully accredited non-denominational Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade school. The school strives to accomplish its mission by creating and maintaining a safe challenging supportive and diverse community.
Faith Christian Academy endeavors to achieve the following types of children:
- Faithful Christians
- Academic Achievers
- Involved Christians
- Thinkers
- Healthy Individuals
The traditional curriculum dedicated staff and modern facilitates all provide a safe and wholesome atmosphere.

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Faith Christian Preschool

(559) 935-2816

450 W. Elm Street, Coalinga, CA 93210