Harmony Elementary Preschool in Harmony, NC

Name:Harmony Elementary Preschool
Type:Pre K
Pre K Address:139 Harmony School Road, Harmony, NC 28634
Pre K Phone:(704) 546-2644
Child ages:3 years - 5 years
Pre K Website:http://iss.schoolwires.com/domain/1347

Pre K Description

We at Harmony Elementary School will work as a team to meet the needs of all 21st Century learners while developing responsible and caring students.


We really don't have much of a info for Harmony Harmony Elementary Preschool. You may be able to find more material on the child day care's mission at this link: https://www.daycarecenters.us/day-cares-in-28634/harmony-elementary-preschool-in-harmony-nc-44e5baf61dbc

Other things to consider when picking a child day care in Harmony, NC is a really good day care centers, class times are constructed to encourage young children to learn and have fun. Most well-regarded child day care nearby 28634 aims to provide an environment for child development. The best of these organizations use programs constructed in consultation with professionals in education and developmental sciences. Well thought out curriculums are best served by early childhood educators who listen to the needs and abilities of the child.

Harmony Elementary Preschool in Harmony is a modern child day care operating in an extremely important industry. For anyone in this industry, the ultimate goal is to build a deep relationship with the community through community outreach. Mom and dads who use the best day care centers can rest easy trusting they are entrusting their younsters in an educational and nurturing atomosphere. Assuredly, day cares and child care centers in this area will present families with full commitment to growing their younsters. In this area, the licensing agencies work with day care centers to provide safe care and learning environment. In most ways, day care centers are among the most influential contributors of society. These specialists deserve continual support to do this beneficial service to families.

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Operating hours

Monday - Friday: 7:15 a.m to 3:00 p.m.

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Harmony Elementary Preschool

(704) 546-2644

139 Harmony School Road, Harmony, NC 28634