Kiddie Academy of Plano in Plano, TX

Name:Kiddie Academy of Plano
Preschool Address:7300 Alma Dr Ste 100, Plano, TX 75025
Preschool Phone:(972) 517-5400
Child ages:6 weeks - 12 years
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Kiddie Academy is a leading family child care provider. Specifically we excel in educationally focused childcare. Since we launched our first academy more than 30 years ago Kiddie Academy has experienced tremendous growth. Today we have academies coast to coast. And we're growing every day.
So what makes us different than other family child care providers and day care providers? Lots of things.
From the time your child wakes up until the time he or she goes to sleep at night there are countless opportunities for learning and growing. Our caring observant responsive educators and staff are trained to stay constantly involved in every aspect of your childs day so they can help facilitate "teachable moments." At Kiddie Academy our Life Essentials curriculum supports a childcare program with opportunities for your child to learn even while he or she is playing. Some of the best learning happens without your child knowing it. And thats wonderful.
We recognize that honesty and thoughtfulness are critical qualities in the development of well-rounded individuals. Through our character development program which is an important part of Life Essentials values are reinforced throughout daily academy activities enabling your child to better understand the society in which we live and how to interact successfully with others.
With our family style dining your child enjoys nutritious lunches and snacks that are served each day to ensure that each child enjoys a well-balanced diet. We believe when children and teachers eat together they do more than share food. They share knowledge. They learn from each other. We like to think of it as the next best thing to sitting around the dinner table at your home.
Life Essentials is an overarching philosophy that includes our programs and techniques. The continuous training we provide for our staffwhich includes a high percentage of degreed teachersalways meets and often exceeds the standard for family child care services. We require staff to participate in ongoing professional development programs because it ensures everyone here is providing the best child care possible for your family.
There are many family child care providers and day care providers out there. But only Kiddie Academy provides the kind of well-rounded enriching educationally focused care that children truly deserve and parents constantly seek.

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06:30 AM-06:30 PM - Monday - Friday

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Kiddie Academy of Plano

(972) 517-5400

7300 Alma Dr Ste 100, Plano, TX 75025