Knollwood State Preschool in Granada Hills, CA

Name:Knollwood State Preschool
Type:Pre School
Pre School Address:11822 Gerald Avenue, #14, Granada Hills, CA 91344
Pre School Phone:(818) 363-9558
Child ages:n/a
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Pre School Description

The vision of Knollwood Elementary is to provide a safe and supportive learning environment with high academic and social standards that will produce responsible, life-long learners able to succeed in a democratic and technological society.
Los Angeles Unified School Districts Knollwood Elementary School, tucked away in the northwestern corner of Granada Hills in the San Fernando Valley, has proven it believes in the ideal that a safe, technologically current, highly structured yet flexible and supportive environment can imbue within each student the philosophy of their learning community: "Learn to love to learn."
Although the San Fernando Valley was initially developed as a white middle-class community, Granada Hills became noteworthy in the early 1960s because one of its developers, Joseph Eichler, espoused the belief that his upscale homes should be available to those of all ethnicities, including African Americans. To this day, there are significant numbers of African American homeowners who still reside in their Eichler Homes, and many of their children and grandchildren attend Knollwood. Additionally, Knollwood is a rich, diverse community of Hispanic, Asian, American Indian and white students.

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8:00 - 2:30

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Knollwood State Preschool

(818) 363-9558

11822 Gerald Avenue, #14, Granada Hills, CA 91344