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Rudolf Steiner College strives to provide a creative educational environment for men and women of diverse ages and backgrounds who seek a deeper understanding of the challenges of modern life and wish to develop new capacities as a basis for their life's work for social service and cultural renewal.
Founded on the spiritual scientific work of Rudolf Steiner the College has as its mission to provide programs that:
- awaken independent thinking and healthy judgment about the deepest issues of human life school powers of perception
- cultivate and enrich artistic faculties
- develop social sensitivity
- strengthen capacities for practical life
Rudolf Steiner College has as a major focus the preparation and certification of teachers for vocations in Waldorf Education. The College also offers programs which develop insights and skills that can lead to practical application in a variety of professions in the arts sciences and education.
The College aims to serve as a resource center for Rudolf Steiner's work providing continuing education fostering research presenting workshops and conferences and publishing and making accessible books and other related materials. A further goal is to serve the broader educational community and bring Rudolf Steiner's contributions into the dialogue on education and other issues of global concern.
Rudolf Steiner College in all cases seeks faculty members who have knowledge of the work and writings of Rudolf Steiner and Waldorf education.
The view of the human being as an individuality encompassing body soul and spirit is central to the programs of the College along with emphasis on the cultivation of the inner life as a source of strength creativity and initiative. Programs strive to address the students' quest for the knowledge insight and moral imagination needed to bring balance and healing to human beings communities and the earth itself.

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Lifeways Center

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