Little Folks in Merino, CO

Name:Little Folks
Type:Day Care
Day Care Address:427 Lee ST, Merino, CO 80741
Day Care Phone:(970) 521-9831
Child ages:2.5 years - 12 years
Day Care Website:n/a

Day Care Description

LITTLE FOLKS is a Childcare Center in Merino CO. It has maximum capacity of 21 children. The center accepts children ages of: 2 years, 6 months To 12 years, 0 months.


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Another thing to consider when evaluating a day care in Merino is at wonderful daycares, classes are built to energize growing children to love learning. All well-regarded day care in 80741 strives for an environment for supreme child development. The most distinguished of these organizations utilize lesson plans produced in consultation with professionals in lesson development. Effective curriculums are most useful when delivered by educators who incorporate the needs and abilities of the child.

Merino Little Folks is a modern day care managing in one of the most important fields in society. For operators in this field, the ultimate goal is to grow a deep relationship with children and parents through community dedication and growth efforts. Dads and moms who only use the best daycares can relax knowing they are entrusting their girls and boys in a nurturing as well as educational environment. Unquestionably, day cares and child care centers in this area will provide dads and moms with nurturing, growing care. In CO, the licensing agencies cooperate with daycares to protect safe care and learning environment. It's fairly well believed that daycares are among the most important contributors of the community. These professionals deserve support to continue to do this valuable service to the community.

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Little Folks

(970) 521-9831

427 Lee ST, Merino, CO 80741