Mid Cities Head Start in Euless, TX

Name:Mid Cities Head Start
Type:Pre School
Pre School Address:500 N Main St, Euless, TX 76039
Pre School Phone:(817) 571-2615
Child ages:3 years - 5 years
Pre School Website:http://childcareassociates.org

Pre School Description

We are committed - First and foremost we are committed to our mission; to assist family successes through excellence in comprehensive child care and development services. From the Chairman of our Board to the cook in one of our centers everyone associated with CCA is committed to helping our children and families succeed.
Holistic - Child Development is not just about learning the ABCs. Its about proper nutrition growing up healthy learning motor skills and social development. Its also about parental involvement. CCAs holistic approach to child development touches all of these areas and more. Each child receives basic health screenings and lessons on proper hygiene and dental care. Parents are encouraged to take part in center activities and in parent meetings that discuss ways to help their children learn.
Innovators Child Care Associates was formed through an innovative approach to subsidized child care. The United Way suggested that three small subsidized child care programs merge to form an area-wide program. Since that time we have become masters of innovation - from becoming an early grantee for the half-day Head Start program then evolving it into full day; to partnering with area cities and ISDs to open child care centers in areas of greatest need for services. Many of CCAs best innovations are in our classrooms where children learn and grow through fun activities that focus on school readiness.
Literacy Our child development programs offer the very best in promoting child literacy and growth. Our curriculum is tailored to be compatible with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and area ISDs. It is focused on promoting school readiness for pre-K children by teaching young learners letter recognition and letter sound skills in order to help them become better readers. Our early education model is now being implemented state-wide for pre-K programs.

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Operating hours

06:30 AM-06:00 PM - Monday - Saturday

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Mid Cities Head Start

(817) 571-2615

500 N Main St, Euless, TX 76039