Olivet 4 Kids in Paducah, KY

Name:Olivet 4 Kids
Type:Pre K
Pre K Address:5186 Hinkleville Road Highway 60, Paducah, KY 42001
Pre K Phone:(270) 442-3353
Child ages:3 weeks - 14 years
Pre K Website:n/a

Pre K Description

Olivet 4 Kids is a preschool or child care center in Paducah, KY but does not have a description at this time.


It's unfortunate, but we don't really have a significant amount of a summary for this day care center. Lucky for you there may be additional material on the day care center's teaching style here: https://www.daycarecenters.us/day-cares-in-42001/olivet-4-kids-in-paducah-ky-da550d80c631

Other things to regard when selecting a Paducah day care center is at well designed childcare centers, curriculums are made to encourage growing children to learn while having fun. Most credible day care center around Paducah presents a model for supreme child development. The most esteemed of these centers utilize lessons produced in consultation with experts in child development. Well thought out programs are most useful when delivered by preschool teachers who are aware of the needs of children and their parents.

Olivet 4 Kids in Paducah is a day care center managing in an extremely important field. For anyone in this field, the best thing to do is to grow a deep relationship with children and parents through community service. Guardians seeking only the most trusted childcare centers can have some peace of mind trusting they are leaving their babies in a safe and nurturing environment. Assuredly, local childcare centers will provide families with passion and dedication. In this locale, the state cooperate together with childcare centers to assure consistently high care for local children. Most people think that childcare centers are quite frankly among the most meaningful supporter of the community. These specialists should definitely get ongoing assistance to do this extremely important service.

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Operating hours

Monday - Friday: 6:30 AM - 5:30 PM

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Olivet 4 Kids

(270) 442-3353

5186 Hinkleville Road Highway 60, Paducah, KY 42001