Sedgewood Day Care in Bluefield, VA

Name:Sedgewood Day Care
Childcare Address:121 Fairway Drive, Bluefield, VA 24605
Childcare Phone:(276) 322-1777
Child ages:3 weeks - 13 years
Childcare Website:n/a

Childcare Description

Sedgewood Day Care is a childcare located in Bluefield, VA and does not have a description at this time. We’re trying to locate more information for this Bluefield child care provider. For your reference, we’ve compiled a few things below that parents generally look for in a child care provider.

At superior daycare centers, teachers and assistants are committed to the children and their families. Sophistication and versatility are hallmarks of every exceptional child care. First-rate childcare centers are concerned about protecting and flourishing their professional trustworthiness. Several daycare centers open presently publicize animated teachers and assistants who is smart as well as nurturing. Upholding established practice of excellence, established day cares aspire to continually polishing their developmental offerings.

Commonly, dad and moms value employing the most acclaimed, and most admirable Bluefield childcare. Boys and girls are so sweet and they should only receive the finest care. Child care centers prevail primarily because of the training of their teachers. That's why excellent day cares in Bluefield use strict controls when hiring workers. In an ideal world, each new staff member is reviewed with much caution.

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Special Needs
Operating hours

6 AM - 6:30 PM
Monday - Friday

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Sedgewood Day Care

(276) 322-1777

121 Fairway Drive, Bluefield, VA 24605