The Derby Club in Paris, KY

Name:The Derby Club
Type:Day Care
Day Care Address:367 Bethlehem Road, Paris, KY 40361
Day Care Phone:(859) 987-2199
Child ages:5 years - 14 years
Day Care Website:n/a

Day Care Description

The Derby Club is a preschool or child care center in Paris, KY but does not have a description at this time.


Here is just a bit of a description we have found for Paris The Derby Club at this time. You may be able to get more descriptions on the day care's teaching philosophy at this link:

Something else to consider when considering a day care in Paris, KY is at reputable daycares, teaching materials are developed to motivate girls and boys to love learning. All well-regarded day care located at 40361 seeks to provide an environment for child development. The most prestigious of these organizations utilize programs devised in consultation with professionals in education and developmental sciences. Great curriculums are most useful when delivered by early childhood educators who are highly sensitive to the needs and abilities of the child.

The Derby Club in Paris, KY is a modern day care managing in an extremely important industry. For operators in this line of work, the ultimate goal is to grow a deep relationship with the community through dedication to the community. Dads and moms who seek the best daycares can relax trusting they are entrusting their girls and boys in safe, nurturing and educational environments. Unquestionably, day cares and child care centers in this area will provide families with love and commitment. In Paris, the licensing agencies cooperate with daycares to ensure safe care and learning environment. In lots of ways, daycares are among the most essential contributors of society. These experts deserve ongoing assistance to continue to do this beneficial service to families.

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Monday - Friday: 6:30 AM - 6:00 PM

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The Derby Club

(859) 987-2199

367 Bethlehem Road, Paris, KY 40361