The Shepherd's School in Dallas, TX

Name:The Shepherd's School
Prek Address:222 South Hall Street, Dallas, TX 75226
Prek Phone:(214) 370-3600
Child ages:6 weeks - 6 years
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Prek Description

The Shepherd's School is grounded on the following precepts: 1. Learning begins at birth. 2. All children can learn. 3. Children learn in a variety of ways. 4. Learning must be positive and age appropriate. 5. Learning should be meaningful and stimulating. The Shepherd's School uses an in-house curriculum. This curriculum is designed to reach the complete child and focuses on all facets of development. Lessons are designed by the director and modified by the teachers to fit the individual needs and personalities of the class members. The lessons address the basic foundational skills introduced in pre-school (colors, counting, etc) and more advanced skills such as letter recognition, writing, and basic math. In addition to the academic skills, the lessons teach about God, His Son Jesus Christ, and other Biblical truths. The daily schedule encourages the children to relate socially through play and specialized activities appropriate to their age. The Shepherd's School is dedicated to the highest level of care and the highest level of education for the little ones enrolled in the program.

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Special Needs
The director has a Masters in Counseling.
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07:00 AM-06:00 PM - Monday - Friday

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The Shepherd's School

(214) 370-3600

222 South Hall Street, Dallas, TX 75226