Tremont State Preschool in Dixon, CA

Name:Tremont State Preschool
Type:Pre K
Pre K Address:355 Pheasant Run Drive, Dixon, CA 95620
Pre K Phone:(707) 678-1963
Child ages:n/a
Pre K Website:

Pre K Description

Tremont School is a place where every child learns and grows and where every adult makes a diffrence.


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Another thing to contemplate when selecting a child day care in Dixon, CA is at great day care centers, instruction are made to inspire and encourage young children to learn while having fun. Each esteemed child day care around 95620 offers an atomosphere for child development. The most impressive of these locations maintain programs formed with professionals in lesson development. Successful programs are best delivered by early childhood educators who are in tune with the developmental milestones of the child.

Tremont State Preschool in 95620 is a child day care running in an extremely important industry. For operators in this industry, the most appropriate thing to do is to establish a deep relationship with the community through community dedication and growth efforts. Mom and dads using only the leading day care centers can have some peace of mind trusting they are entrusting their younsters in a safe and educational environment. Undoubtedly, nearby day care centers will assist families with nurturing, growing care. In this city, the licensing agency collaborate with day care centers to establish safe facilities and positive learning for Dixon younsters. It reasonable to believe that day care centers are quite frankly among the most meaningful contributors of society. These professionals should definitely get ongoing assistance to do this beneficial service to families.

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8:15 AM- 2:45 p.m.

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Tremont State Preschool

(707) 678-1963

355 Pheasant Run Drive, Dixon, CA 95620