Kiddies Excel Academy, pre-school description in 77071

Name:Kiddies Excel Academy
Type:Pre School
Pre School Address:7550 Creekbend Dr., Houston, TX 77071
Pre School Phone:(713) 995-5632
Child ages:n/a
Pre School Website:n/a

Pre School Philosophy

Houston Kiddies Excel Academy doesn't appear to have a school philosophy listed but usually exceptional childcare centers wholeheartedly love assisting each and every family that enrolls youths at their day care center. When you are trying to find a child care center in Houston make sure their objective is to properly provide a safe and caring surroundings so that guardians can work knowing that the childcare loves that baby with all their heart.

Most baby's development will likely be impacted through the participation of lots of groups, including relation, daycare centers, as well as educators. Many think that it's likely that education administrators and staff have a big opening to promote this important development. make sure that all educators and staff have extensive training in their respective fields and enjoy directing the learning activities of little boys and girls. A good day care center will help your youngster prepare to enter elementary by teaching them how to care for themselves and others from the time they are babies through the end of their prekindergarten year.

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Special Needs
Operating hours

06:00 AM-06:00 PM - Monday - Friday

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Kiddies Excel Academy

(713) 995-5632

7550 Creekbend Dr., Houston, TX 77071